Winter operability for Electric Vehicles, WintEVE

WintEVE consortium aims for winter operability for electric vehicles. We will develop and demonstrate electric vehicles charging systems and end user services for use in demanding weather conditions. In the far north Finland, taking extreme conditions into consideration is crucial for all engineering projects. Dozens of automotive manufacturers are testing their vehicles in the arctic temperatures of the Polar night. Lapland is covered in snow by approximately 6 months the year, with winter temperatures dropping to as low as -30°C or even lower. When a product is designed to withstand the frigid temperatures, it will perform in any operating conditions.


The aim of the WintEVE consortium is to


  • build demonstration and testing environment for electric vehicles including real time telecommunication network and data transfer
  • research of driver behavior and preferences for usage of electric vehicles including a study of related services
  • research of charging systems and infrastructure including related end user services
  • testing, demonstration and trials of electric vehicles, charging systems and technologies in demanding weather conditions
  • development of service, maintenance and consumer specific leaflets, handbooks and supportive materials for electric vehicles usage


WintEVE is one of the five consortiums of the EVE program of Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation). EVE program (Electric Vehicle Systems) is aimed to companies and research institutes that work with electric vehicles and machinery and the components and systems used in them. The long-term goal is to increase the amount of business related to electric vehicles and machinery in Finland from the 2010 figure of EUR 200 million to approximately EUR 2 billion by 2020.


WintEVE consortium is coordinated by Centria Research and Development, based in Ylivieska, Finland. The consortium utilizes the expertice of co-operative partners like University of Oulu, University of Applied Sciences Kajaani and in addition to this 15+ Finnish companies. You can find the list of our partners from these pages.